February 22, 2000 marked the historic signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Manitoba Metis Federation and the Province of Manitoba.

This agreement, the first of its kind in Canada, is based upon the child welfare recommendations in the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Report, and the ensuing Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission recommendations.

Under this agreement, we worked towards delivering an effective, community-based child and family services system to reflect our unique status, culture, and linguistic heritage.

The Manitoba Metis Federation committed to a three-year joint implementation process, known as the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Child Welfare Initiative (AJI-CWI), along with Manitoba First Nations (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakak) and the provincial government to review and restructure child and family services within Manitoba.

The establishment of a Metis-specific child and family services agency has been a longstanding dream within the Metis community. It was with great excitement and enthusiasm that the Metis Child, Family and Community Services Agency received the formal mandate from the Province of Manitoba to deliver child and family services province-wide on September 13, 2003. Following this, the Child and Family Services Authorities Act was proclaimed on November 24, 2003, which lead to the creation of the Metis Child and Family Services Authority. Finally, in 2011, a second Metis-specific agency was established to bring a greater focus and range of services to families in northern Manitoba. This new body is called the Michif Child and Family Services Agency.

For further information on the Metis Child and Family Services Authority, the Metis Child, Family and Community Services Agency, and the Michif Child and Family Services Agency, please visit their respective websites:

Lost Moccasin Campaign

The "Lost Moccasin" campaign is the significant step in this initiative in addressing the need for awareness and providing initial resources to the plight of these individuals and families. The "Lost Moccasins" campaign utilizes a crafted miniature model to be worn on lapels and blouses. The Moccasin represents the hope of children and adults wishing to reestablish or discover the ties to their natural family and communities.

A Heart for Children
One hundred years from now
it will not matter
what kind of car I drove
what kind of house I lived in
how much I had in the bank
nor what my clothes looked like.
One hundred years from now
it will not matter
what kind of school I attended
what kind of typewriter I used
how large or small my church
But the world may be
...a little better because...
I was important in
the life of a child.
Source unknown

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