Metis Employment and Training

Minister: John Fleury / Associate Minister: Joan Ledoux

Metis Employment and Training (MET) / Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy Agreement (ASETS)

Manitoba Metis Federation's Metis Employment & Training operates through funds provided under the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) Agreement. This is a 5 year agreement between Canada and the MMF that provides funding for labour market driven employment and skills training programs. The MMF has been providing labour market development programs since 1997. The current ASETS Agreement began October 1, 2010 and ends March 31, 2015.

Programming priorities for the ASETS Agreement are:

  • Demand-driven Skills Development
  • Partnership Development
  • Minimal Level of Service

Through our ASETS Agreement the MMF is able to design employment and skills training programs & services that best serve the needs of our Metis community and our Metis citizens. These programs aim to enable unemployed or underemployed clients (Metis, Non-Status and Inuit) to better engage in the workforce, and therefore improve quality of life for them and their families.

Metis Employment & Training provides a wide range of services to clients seeking employment and training. These services include: needs assessment & career planning, job search assistance including resume & cover letter preparation, access to labour market and academic program information, referral and sponsorship to skills training and employment programs to enhance employability and referral to employers.

Partnerships are a major focus of the ASETS Strategy. The MMF has always seen partnerships, strategic thinking and planning as central to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. Partnerships are formed with private industry, government, non-profit organizations, and training & educational institutions, as well as internal departments, to combine resources, establish links to meaningful employment and create unique training opportunities.

Our partnerships are designed to address current and anticipated labour market demands and to enhance the knowledge, skills and employability of our clients.

Through a variety of successful partnerships, our clients have a history of answering employers' needs for qualified staff, while securing worthwhile careers for themselves. The MMF will continue to pursue an expanding range of partnership opportunities, with the goal of effectively meeting the changing needs of both the local labour market and its clients.

MET Client Services Booklet


Metis Employment and Training Recruitment


The MMF Metis Employment & Training Recruitment (MET Recruitment) is licensed under Manitoba's Employment Services Act as an employment agency. Established in November 1997 as the Provincial Recruitment Initiative, it is the only employment agency in Manitoba that is Metis specific. Although, the majority of our clients are Metis, employment services are also provided to Non-Status and Inuit candidates.

Client Services

MET Recruitment provides a range of services to clients seeking employment. These services include needs assessment, career planning, resume writing, reviewing job search techniques, access to job boards and labour market information, access to academic program information and referral to training programs, academic programs and employers. Our client resource area hosts three computers with internet access and word-processing software, a fax machine, printer and photocopier for job search.

On-site Employment & Training Counselors are available to provide individual employment needs assessments and to assist clients in developing their career goals and action plans. MET Recruitment creates opportunities and empowers clients by helping them develop the tools they need to be successful in their job search.

MET Recruitment also provides pre-screening and recruitment services for employers, ensuring that clients that are referred for a posted position fit the requirements of the job advertisements. MET Recruitment also offers interview, cover letter and resume preparation assistance and provides the client with coaching through different types of interviews in order to assist clients to successful in the employer application process.

Contact MET Recruitment to make an appointment or stop by to use our walk in services.

MMF Endowment Fund

The MMF Endowment Fund is well over $12 million and has been established through partnerships with the University of Brandon, College Universitaire de Saint Boniface, University College of the North, University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. From its inception in 1999 to present, 2,706 students have applied for bursaries and scholarships, resulting in 1,425 students receiving awards totalling $2,077,009.

Contact Information:

Metis Employment & Training
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